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Hi, I'm Nicole.

With over a decade working in the Real Estate industry, I have helped many great people find their perfect home in Guelph & surrounding areas. I've also helped countless Guelph families sell their homes and maximize their value as they upgrade to their forever home! 

I represent Davenport Realty, Brokerage, based out of Waterloo, ON. They are in rapid growth mode and are expanding across Southern Ontario. 

I work hard for my clients. Yes, this term gets over-used in the industry, but those who know and have worked with me know that this statement is true. Have a question about a property? Text me. Relocating to a different city? Let's go for a drive and check out some houses. Need a recommendation for a homebrewed coffee? I've got you (I take coffee very seriously).

The bottom line is: we're going to find the perfect home for you, and we won't settle on anything less-than-perfect. 

How do we find your perfect home? We follow the tried-and-true Nicole Pauli Plan:

The Plan Infographic
The Nicole Pauli Plan is a simple process that we navigate & conquer together on your road to victory (buying your perfect home). My process is packed with tips, resources, and information in advance to avoid those curveballs that the market might throw.  

We set you up on a property search system that will find houses that suit your needs and preferences. If you find one you like, we'll go visit it together. If you REALLY like it, I'll walk you through the ins and outs of making an offer to purchase. If your offer is successful, we'll make sure your purchase and closing are nothing short of a seamless and unforgettable experience. 

The process concludes with sweet, sweet VICTORY - building new memories in your perfect home. 

Here are a few things that you know when working with me: 
  • I have accumulated a solid and trustworthy network of resources that is 100% accessible to you. Ask me for recommendations for any service that you need.
  • I'm a bit of a coffee snob. I drink one cup of coffee a day and it's homemade. Imagine if you fused Jimmi Hendrix with Bruce Lee... that's the kind of punch it packs. 
  • After a decade of Real Estate service, I've developed some "Rules" that pertain to almost any home-buying situation. Check out my "Nicole's Rules" article by clicking here. 
My A-team of resources is here for you
I look forward to building an amazing relationship with you. 

- Nicole. 

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